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The Floating Dead (Age of Sigmar 28)

Welcome one and all to the #AoS28 experiment post!
This is all about AoS28 and my forray into the campagin.

What is AoS28?
Glad you asked, (all information has been taken from in order not to butcher the original intention of the project)
Inq28 explores the lesser known aspects of the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has been a huge success, inspiring Blanchitsu articles, numerous blogs and countless incredible miniatures. Inq28 has become a term that describes not just a particular game but a whole approach to the hobby: an approach that puts creativity and imagination first.
AoS28 is an attempt to bring that same approach to the Nine Realms.
The Age of Sigmar has the potential for all sorts of stories, and just because we mainly see the epic, cinematic god-battles in the Games Workshop books doesn’t mean there aren’t other stories just out of frame, or just off the beaten path. That’s not to say your warband can’t include a few heroes, just that not every hero has to have a duel with Archaon.

What makes an AoS28 model?
Conversions – The Age of Sigmar range contains loads of great miniatures but you’ll probably want to convert them in order to personalise them. This could be a kitbash or a complete resculpt. The important thing is to make the model yours.
Character is essential – you don’t have to write a full background story, but you’ll have to think about your character’s personality, they aren’t just pieces on a gaming board: what are their motivations? How have they survived the Chaos apocalypse? What do they think about the return of Sigmar? What secrets do they have?
Extra grimdark – Age of Sigmar has a distinctive, vibrant style, but there is a lot of darkness that is waiting to be explored. You think 40k has a monopoly on grimdark? The Nine Realms were conquered by Chaos, we are only just beginning to learn about the horrors that were unleashed.

What rules do I use?
We’ll be supporting the Hinterlands Rules for AoS28, however your warband could be designed with games of Silver Tower, Mordheim, Realm of Chaos, Frostgrave or countless others in mind – or not for gaming with at all. The focus should be to make models you think are cool, rather than being constrained by points costs or restrictions. (

How do I join in?
You’ll need to make a warband – probably between 2 and 8 models – led by a hero. The warband can be based on the theme below, or can be anything else you want to make.

Use the hashtag #aos28 on instagram and twitter.

Join the AoS28 facebook group

Find the forum thread on TGA

Or if you have a blog already, let people know where to find it by posting your updates in the AoS28 thread on or by emailing

If you don’t want to make a miniature or two, you could join in by writing stories or making art.

So, there is quite a lot to get your teeth into here!
For me, I'm looking at a small Death force which revolves around a Vampire!

I have started to write a bit of background to my warband and as soon as I'm happy with it, I'll put it up here. Meanwhile, I have been creating miniatures! As of yet, I haven't come up with a name for my warband but I think that will come when I finish the background piece!

Using the Hinterland rules, I have been able to create three models however, only two of them will be used during the campaign and one of them (the converted Blood Knight) was just an experiment to see how something would look.
I have also created a small warband using the rule set which looks like this:
*Leila De Klyn (Vampire) Leila, in translation, means Dead Beauty.
*Kharis (Banshee) Meaning Grace or Charm
*Akantha (Grave Guard) Thorn
*Serafino (Grave Guard) Serpent
My models then look like this;

Leila De Klyn


Now, my experimental model...

My original intention was for it to be coming out of the ground - like rising from the grave but I'm not sure I've achieved that! What I will try next is having the horse upright on the base and it 'coming through' the grave. This means that one half would be painted in spectral colours and the other half 'earth/real-life colours' as it transfers from one realm to another!

It is also worth noting that for both Leila and Kharis I have added small chunks of fire to the hands/cup in order to give it more of a spectral effect.
As I've got a holiday week this week I will be looking at getting at least one of these painted!

Next, I need to build two Grave Guard for my warband!

Well, that's it from me.
Thanks for reading.

I'll see you soon

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